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A hands-on, utterly practical lessons - video, text, and exercises

    1. Welcome to Visual Branding Online Course!

    2. Preparation

    3. Helpful tools

    4. What Is Visual Branding?

    5. Find Your Clarity

    1. Anatomy Of A Brand

    2. How To Choose A Brand Stylist

    3. The Process Of Creating A Compelling Brand Identity

    1. Foundations Of Visual Design

    2. The Secrets Of Visual Psychology In Branding & Marketing

    3. Color Palettes

    1. How To Build A Youthful, Playful, Happy Branding

    2. How To Build An Elegant, Feminine, Higher-End Branding

    3. How To Build An Earthy, Abundant, Community-Focused Branding

    4. How To Build A Luxury, Reserved, High-End Branding

    5. How To Combine Different Personalities

    6. Color Psychology In Branding

    7. Exercise: Create a Mood Board For Each Personality

    8. Download a Cheat Sheet For Each Personality

    1. Best Examples Of The Four Personalities In Use

    2. How To Create A Harmonious Color Palette

    3. Photographic Style Of Your Brand

    4. Typefaces In Your Brand

    5. How To Create A Brand Vision Board

    1. Create Your Brand Board

    2. Your Reading List

About this course

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Meant For You...

  • Entrepreneur

    You present your work and brand professionally and engagingly. You will better understand what makes your project unique and how to show it to others clearly!

  • Designer

    Web or brand designer, graphic designer, or stylist: You know the secrets of harmoniously combining colors and other visuals and their effect on the subconscious.

  • Marketer

    You understand the real needs of your clients, know how to ask the right questions, and deliver work that stands out and stands out from the crowd.

  • Shop Owner

    Your store's branding, web, interior, and packaging will have a unified look and attract just the right people. You will stand out from the crowd with your well-thought-out presentation.

  • Development Centers...

    .. instructors. Here are some golden nuggets that are timeless and thoroughly practical for any budding entrepreneur. Here you can get privileges already in the seed, which will help you rise to the forefront of the competition.

  • Hobbyist

    Your new knowledge will come in handy professionally, and your everyday lifestyle and good taste will support you everywhere. Design your home so that it helps your soul and choose your clothes and accessories skillfully.

Online Visual Branding Workshop: Let’s create you a perfect brand identity with color combinations, patterns, and illustrations.

Improve your branding game! I will show you everything from compelling color combinations and illustrations that pop off desktop screens all day long—to tips on when it’s time to replace those outdated logo designs or fonts! 

Colors can be powerful tools in business as they have a profoundly psychological effect on people. You will learn how different colors make us feel, what meanings various shades hold for consumers worldwide and which ones should be avoided due to the cultural backgrounds that may view them differently than you do!

Why you need this course

This course will open your eyes and literally change your professional life! The clarity you will gain will be the fundament of visual branding you are going to work on.

  • Gain clarity and create your brand a professional, compelling visual identity

  • You will learn the ins & outs of compelling visual branding that sells

  • Save your time, knowing exactly what to do and which brand elements to choose

  • Speed up your daily visual marketing activities, having your templates and brand elements ready for use

  • Give your website and social media a cohesive, professional look that you can be proud of!

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  • When can I start?

    Right after you have enrolled yourself in a course.

  • How long do I have access to the course I have enrolled myself to?

    Exactly 365 days.

  • Do I need any extra tools for studying these materials?

    Not really. All you need is access to the internet and a device - a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.